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Blue ridge Land And Cattle

Blac Wagyu (Blue Ridge Land & Cattle) is located in the beautiful rolling hills east of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Virginia. We began with the desire to raise top-quality beef, from the highly desired Japanese Black Wagyu breed, with local small farm values and virtues.  We offer many different cuts of meats and sell our products to fine restaurants, online shoppers, and farmers markets. Our goal is to slowly grow our herd and feed the growing demand for High Quality Wagyu in the Northern Virginia and D.C. Metro areas. (Learn More)

Farm to Table

Get the exact cuts of beef that you want directly from the farm so you can trust that what you're eating came from a high quality source.

Grass Fed

Utilizing planned rotational grazing practices, we enrich our soil fertilizer free, help decrease atmospheric C02 levels, reduce runoff, increase soil water retention and create better nutrient dense grass for the cattle to graze on.

Full-Blood Wagyu

We raise Full-Blood Wagyu(100% Wagyu), primarily from the Japanese Tajima bloodline, the only line that can qualify as Kobe beef in Japan. Most American Wagyu is rated F1 which is 50% Wagyu & 50% other because it's much harder to maintain a full-blood herd.  

Small farm

At Blac Wagyu we focus on quality over quantity. Raising a Full-Blood wagyu herd limits the herd size in a way that we like. This allows us to take greater personal care of each cow through its lifecycle, prevents pasture overgrazing & results in the highest quality end product. 

Featured Products

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