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BLAC Wagyu raises 100% full-blood Wagyu registered with the American Wagyu Association. The DNA of all of our stock is traceable back to Japan, and it is mainly derived from the Japanese Tajima bloodline, the only bloodline that is eligible for Kobe beef status in Japan.



Our mission is to slowly grow our herd and continue to feed the growing demand for high quality Wagyu in the Northern Virginia and D.C. area.


We raise our grass-fed cattle without antibiotics and feeding them only locally-sourced, all-natural grains. As part of our commitment to the environment, we employ a range of industry-standard methods, as well as Japanese traditional methods and Dr. Jimmy Horner's Protocol Naturals scientific method, to ensure our farm is sustainable and environmentally conscious.

We're passionate about raising our small herd using the highest standards possible, ensuring that our customers receive a product that's not only delicious but also ethically and sustainably produced. At BLAC Wagyu, we believe that our commitment to quality and sustainability sets us apart and ensures that our customers always receive the very best.



Eric Reid started BLAC Wagyu in 2015 with the goal of raising 100% Full-Blood Wagyu in his home state of Virginia. He grew up in Middleburg, a small but historic town where his family has lived for three generations. As an engineer interested in regenerative farming, Eric wanted to create a regenerative and sustainable, authentic Wagyu farm on a perfect 135-acre lot in Marshall, Virginia, just a few miles from his hometown.


The land was formally known as “Arlington Farm” when the farm was established in 1900. It is now called “Patrick’s Well” and is rich with Virginia history. It’s these strong ties to the area, the local community and its history that are integral to his business with small farm values and virtues.



At BLAC Wagyu, we focus on quality over quantity. We maintain a purposefully small heard, never exceeding 25 head. This allows us to take greater personal care of each cow through its lifecycle and give our customers high-quality beef.

BLAC Wagyu also works to be environmentally and economically sustainable in order to be good stewards of the natural resources our farm relies on. Methods such as minimizing air and water pollution, managing water wisely, building healthy soil, dealing fairly with our workers and contributing to our local community all contribute to creating the highest quality end product.

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